• Custom-designed websites
  • Online membership solutions and secure areas
  • Storefronts
  • Email newsletters and other communication methods
  • Blogs and social media integration and automation
  • 28 years experience in marketing writing and graphic design

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Graphic design for the web is not simply commercial art, but combines images with code to emphasize important content. We provide graphic supporting all parts of your website, from mastheads and slideshows to navigation elements.


A web design is more than the sum of its parts... It reflects the sensibilities of the client yet must be accessible to the intended audience. We provide user-centered design and have been continually learning to pinpoint our client's targets for over 25 years.


Without content, a website is just a bunch of pretty pictures. We offer over 28 years of expertise in writing and content strategy to help you focus your words to your audience.


Personalized service means that you won't get a "cookie-cutter" site, but one that meets your unique needs. We provide a three-tiered pricing scheme that supports small to medium-sized businesses as well as creative endeavors. We also offer discounts for non-profits.

This is a boutique Web design company specializing in creating sites using Joomla! or WordPress content management systems for small businesses, non-profits and creative organizations.

I've been in business for over 20 years and have designed and implemented over 40 websites from conventions, schools, building contractors, film and television, and religious organizations. My website has a portfolio of my work.

I have written and published 10 books on Macintosh computing and the Internet and published blogs on such topics as copyright and Internet freedoms. I also have a background in fine arts and graphics and have developed mastheads and logos for my clients and enhanced their marketability through my copywriting skills.

I am a web hosting reseller and can set up a website and purchase and manage domain and hosting, thus offering fully turnkey services that can also include email.

My clients have retained my services for several iterations of their websites over time.

I charge either by the hour or through a fixed single fee for my services at reasonable rates, which I can customize to fit your budget.

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Open Source

Millions of developers work to ensure this software is secure, efficient, and creative. It is also free.


Content Strategy

The purpose of a website is to market your product or service. The best way to do this is to offer your visitor unique content that is updated often to keep them coming back.


Social Media

A large part of marketing is to bring visitors to your site. The best way is to integrate as many social media systems as possible into your content; sharing images, video and text to entice social viewers to surf for more content.

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The photos and iconography on the website are from Palenque, Mexico. The classic Maya peoples were literate and wrote amazing books about their history, astronomy, religion, and dynasties. The scribe was an important royal personage amongst the Maya. For more information about Mayan archeology and anthropology, please see: http://www.maya-art-books.org/